UV M C Lens HD ND2-400 Filter Lens CPL PRO Polarizer for DJI Phantom 3 Pro/Adv

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DJI Phantom 3 Pro/Adv MC UV Lens HD ND2-400 Filter Lens CPL PRO Polarizer 

Product Name:DJI Phantom3 KW HD ND2-400 Filter CPL PRO Filter
Weight: About 7g
Fit for DJI Phantom 3 pro/adv
Using the import of AGC glass, 98% transmittance
MC UV:Eliminate ultraviolet, restore color
CPL PRO:Eliminate the reflective,More clearly
ND2-400 Filter:Balance the light proportion

The main purpose to use ND Filter is to prevent overexposure, When the light is too bright it is difficult to choose a slower shutter speed, then use the ND filter main to reduce the light enter the lens,so it is possible to use a slow shutter shooting. For example, if you need to shoot outdoors in strong sunlight, or under normal lighting conditions require a longer exposure time, with a slow shutter speed to show a blur waterfall flow and other special effects, it requires an ND filter.
UV lens is suitable for the environments like beach, mountains, snowy and open area. It can weaken blue tint which due to UV-induced. While for the digital camera, you can also exclude the interference of ultraviolet to CCD, to improve the clarity and color reproduction Effect.
Since the polarizer can reduce 1 to 2 files exposure amount, it can replaced ND2, ND4 neutral gray mirror in some instances effect. Making good use of polarizer requires certain skills, such as when shooting the sky, you can use the right hand thumb and index finger at a 90 degree direction, the index finger pointing to the sun, while the thumb direction is the best shooting direction. In addition, for the polarizer in the best polarization effect, it will lose the aperture 1/2 to 2 files, so need to compensation the exposure , general increase 1-2 shift. For metal surface which can not filter out the reflective, we can add a big polarizer in front of the light source, so that the metal reflecting light is polarized,and you can use polarizer filter out the reflective. But during portrait photography, it is best not to use a polarizer, people face will loss dimensional sense, for a polarizer filter out the reflective on the face.
Package Included:
1X  MC UV or CPL PRO or ND2-400 lens