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TX-5823S 5.8G 48CH 0-600mW VTX FPV AV Transmitter Module FCC For FPV RC Drone

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SKU: 1136816


TX-5823S 5.8G 48CH 0-600mW VTX FPV AV Transmitter FCC For FPV Racer
Description:  User Manual  
Item Name : TX-5823S TX Module
Frequency : 5.8G
Channel : 48CH
Power : 0-600mW adjustable
Working Voltage : 7.4V-18V
Working Current : 500mA
Can pass FCC
Frequency : 

Features : 
5.8G Video/Audio sync. transmission, compatible with NTSC and PAL.
Compact structure, small size, max. power up to 600mW
Integrated aviation titanium radiator, heat a small, high efficiency
Large scale integrated circuit, high reliability
Operating voltage DC 7.4V-18V
8 working channels, key switch selection settings
Built-in frequency phase-locked loop, low harmonic radiation, high reliability, and stability
The use of digital phase-locked loop circuit, no temperature drift phenomenon
Operating current: 500mA
A. UAV FPV system
B. wireless security elevator system
C. Wireless vehicle visual system
D. Wireless visual door mirror WIFI map transmission system
E. Work, medical endoscopy
F. forensics system
Pacakage Included :
1 x VTX Module