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Suzuki’ STUDY-24 24 Holes Tremolo Polyphonic Harmonica

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SKU: 1537026


Solid Brass Reed Plates.      
Laser Tuned & Tested      
Easy to Hold Design, Easy to play and fit to your mouth.      
Stainless steel Body.      
Double Plated, Engraved Reed Covers.      
Special 'Position' mark let you be less likely to lose position, good for beginner.      
Stable tune: Tremolo harmoinca is played by several playing method, for example, mandolin playing method, violin playing method, bass playing method, etc. It is able to play those methods better by the stable tuned tremolo harmonicas.
Cover Material: steel
Body Material: Resin
Pronunciation Method: Tremolo
Model Number: study-24
Number of Keys: 24
Type: Harmonica
Tone: C