Nut Off Bolt Screw Close Up Magic Trick Micro Psychic Rotating

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Nut Off Bolt Screw Close-Up Magic Trick Micro Psychic Rotating

This is a precision mechanical prop with extremely sturdy mechanics, and will last for years!
Magician first demonstrates a bolt and a nut to audiences . Then he randomly choose one of them, and asks the person to fasten the nut onto the bolt a few rounds . The magician then holds the bolt by two fingers wearing short sleeves, and it's time for the magic to happen. The magician puts a spell on the device and the nut gradually moves on its own, no interference by the magician, then spins off from the bolt. The magician passes the separate pieces to the audience for inspection. They look just like any ordinary bolt and nut . You can perform the trick in any condition without practicing any skills.

The performer borrows a ring and threads off the nut and places the ring on the bolt and threads the nut back on.
You now show the ring cannot be removed unless you take the nut off.
You lock the padlock onto the bolt and have the spectator hold the keys, you place the bolt under the table for only a moment, you now bring up the ring and then the bolt with the nut and lock still on it.
You have magically removed the ring!

Color: Golden yellow
Dimensions: Length 5.3cm

Package Included:
1x Nut Off Bolt Magic Set