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KDS 450SV FBL 6CH 3D Flying Belt Drive Alloy Version RC Helicopter DIY Kit

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SKU: 1529917


Note: This is a helicopter kit, not included the blade and other electronic components, the color of the canopy is random to send
KDS 450SV 3D version of KIT Version for assembly, Large size, 6-channel fast model. Class 450 electric helicopter, Frame construction are similar to the Aligna (Tirex) models.
Brand: KDS
Product: 450SV FBL RC Helicopter
Channel: 6CH
Length: 700mm
Height: 228mm
Diameter of the main rotor: 700mm
Diameter of the tail rotor: 150mm
Shovels: carbon painted
Sprocket: 13T
Main sprocket: 150T
Autocracking rasp: 106T
Tail sprocket drive: 25T
Gear ratio: 1: 11.54: 4.24
Weight without power: 440g
Weight with power supply: 760g
Recommend Electronic Components(not included):
Battery: 11.1V 2200MAH 20C Lipo Battery
Blushless ESC: 40A 
Blushless Motor: 3500KV 
Gyro: EBAR V2 Gyro'
Servo: 3* 9g Digital Servos, 1* N590 Digital Servo
1* KDS 450SV FBL RC Helicopter Kit