JEEP Stainless Steel Folding Multifunction Tool Pliers

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JEEP Stainless Steel Folding Multifunction Tool Pliers


In the daily life, the multifunctional, convenient and durable tools with more extensive use, such as: travel, hiking, diving and aeromodelling, repair bicycles,cars and other hobbies, in times of emergency, crisis also often is a good helper.

Brand: JEEP
Type: space grey
Full length: 16cm
Fold length: 10.5cm
Blade material: 440C stainless steel
Hardness: 57
Surface: surface cross on a space material is not easy to fade
Handle material: full steel

Main functions:

1,pliers;2,broadsword;3,nail file;4,scale;5,large Flathead screwdriver;6,small word screwdriver; 7,bottle opener;8,can opener; 9,phillips screwdriver;10,saws;11, knives;12,  screwdriver converter;13,ninescrewdriver conversion head.

Package Includes:

1 x JEEP Stainless Steel Folding Multifunctional Tool Pliers