Heavy Oil Hammer With Aluminum Tube Accessories For Gasoline Engine Fuel Tank Fixed Wing RC Airplane

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SKU: 1542909


Item Name: Heavy Oil Hammer With Aluminum Tube Combo
Aluminum Tube Inner Diameter: 2mm
Aluminum Tube Outer Diameter: 3mm
Aluminum Tube Length: 50mmX2, 70mmX1
Gasoline Tube Dimension: 4.5×2.5x110mm
Oil Hammer Dimension: Φ3XD10XH19
Oil Hammer Weight: 6.1g
Oil Hammer Compatible Fuel Tank: 90CC-380CC
Fuel Tank Plug Diameter: Inner 16mm, outer 20mm
Gasket Diameter: 16mmX1, 22mmX1

Package Included:
1x Heavy Oil Hammer
1x Gasoline Tube
3x Aluminum Tube
1x Fuel Tank Plug
2x Gasket