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HDMI 19P Male To Micro HDMI 19P Male Video Transmission Data Cable For GoPro Hero 7/6/5/4/3 FPV Action Camera

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SKU: 1418668


Item Name: Video Transmission Data Cable

Material: Copper Wire
Length: 1m
Type: Micro HDMI Cable 
Interface Type: Type A, Type D
Version: 1.4 version, support 1080P, support 3D
Plug: HDMI 19PIN male, gold plated 
Wire Material: Superconducting copper clad steel with aluminum foil
Application: Transfer data and charge for GOPRO HERO7/6/5/4/3 action cameras.
Detailed Specifications:
Wire: 30AWG, superconducting copper clad steel, OD: 4.2mm
Plug: HDMI 19P male, riveted, needle gold plated 1U
Shell: HDMI molding, black
Dust cover: PE material
– Gold plated plug, can be protected by dust cover, plug and play, and the signal transmission is stable.
– The cable is made of high-purity copper core with precision stranding technology.
– The wire adopts the twisted pair impedance matching process to reduce the signal cross interference and ensure the error-free transmission of the signal.
– Modular stress relief structure to prevent cable bending damage, flexible movement and durability.
– The signal twisted pair is made of 125% special shielded aluminum foil and the outer layer is shielded with high density tinned braided copper wire.

Package Included:
1x Data Cable