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Name: Rolating Kaleidoscope
Material: paper, plastic
Packing: Net bag
Product Size: 4.5X19cm
Pattern: 1(Planet Series), 2(Ocean Series), 3(Forest Series), 4(Girl Series), 5(Plant Series)
Each Patern Style Delivery Ramdomly
Suitable for the people: Old people, children, white-collar workers, students, indoor workers, computer operator, frequent visual fatigue, high working pressure
Be beneficial for:
1. Develop good learning habits: Have a kaleidoscope, and less time for children to play video games
2. Close relatives: Parents can accompany their children to play together to feel the warmth of the family
3. Development of the brain: The puzzle toy contains the secret, with geometry in mathematics, operations research, etc.
4. Decompression Leisure: It is the away of stress and study to relax and unwind

Package Included:
1 x Rolating Kaleidoscope