bluetooth Parameter Debugging Programmer Module For MWC Multiwii Naze32 CC3D

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 bluetooth Parameter Debugging Programmer Module For MWC Multiwii  Naze32 CC3D

Item Name: Parameter Debugging Module
Input voltage: 5 V

Read and adjust all PID parameters
Read and adjust AUX1/AUX2 Switch setting
Monitor remote controller signal and output control signal of flight controller board
Monitor signal between GPS output signal and Gyro, acceleration meter,pressure meter and other sensors
Calibrate magnetic resistance and acceleration sensor
Read and save MWC parameter via cellphone
Support screenshot
Compatible with all MWC flight controller, 328P flight control Board connect UART Serial
port and Mega Flight control Board connect Serial 0 Port
Support transparent data transfer function, also can be used with other devices
bluetooth Module adopts UK's CSR bluetooth slave module, with high stability and stable signal
With regulated power supply, can connect to UART TTL port of MWC directly, easy to adjust parameters

LED State indicator:
Green: Power supply indicator, continuous lighting when power on
Red: Flashing light indicates no connection, continuous lighting indicates connection success

Please make sure your flight controller or other device is connecting in the right way to avoid burning.

Only support Android Phone

Package Included:
1 x bluetooth module
1 x 4 pin connect cable (200mm)