8 Inches Hand Held Tambourine Round Percussion Double Row Orff Instrument for Band Dancing Singing Accompaniment

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Whether in folk dance or band accompaniment, the tambourine is a highly rhythmic percussion instrument that can be used as an accompaniment, accompanying dance and accompanying song, with free rhythm, allowing the player to improvise.
When playing the tambourine, use the left hand drum and hit it with your right hand or palm. Shake the drum to make the small cymbals sound at the same time.
Used for singing or dance accompaniment, but also for instrumental ensemble.
The drum frame (a circle of drum frame has a number of long holes, a pair of small cymbals are installed in each hole; some tambourines are also suspended on a circle of drum frame.
Polyester leather, tambourine is clean and tidy, durable and stronger than sheepskin.
Product name: 8 Inches Double Row Tambourine
Drum surface material: polyester leather, sheepskin
Size: about 20 cm/7.87in in diameter
Weight: about 150g
Package Included:
1* Tambourine