3 in 1 DIY Resistor Discharger for Draining Disposing Battery

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Before throwing away damaged or old LiPo batteries, you should first drain them completely  until there is no charge left. In this article I will show you how to build a battery discharger using high power resistors.
Simply connect the power resistor, or multiple of them, to your battery. Leave it for several hours or even overnight, it will discharge the battery completely eventually.
Although the discharging is quite slow, it’s gradual which is relatively safer for damaged batteries. There is no heat build up in the battery and so no puffing.
You can speed up the process by connecting a number of resistors in parallel using a splitter. If you are using 3 of them, it will discharge 3 times faster at 0.9A.
Name: DIY Resistor Discharger
Weight: 55g
Packaging included:
1XDIY Resistor Discharger